For those of you who often change nail polish aka nail polish, maybe often use acetone. Yes, acetone is a chemical that is used to clean and negate nail polish. However, if it is used very often, instead of being good, your nails are damaged and not beautiful again.

Don't Again Use Acetone to Clean the Peks, It's a Danger for Nails

So, what is the danger of using acetone to be a nail polish cleaner? Come on, first understand some of the effects.

In fact, not only does acetone cleanser acetone is widely known to be a nail polish cleanser. Although actually, not all kuteks cleansers are acetone.

In essence, there are two types of nail polish cleansers, acetone and non-acetone. A large number of Kuteks cleaning brands say this content is stamped in the package.

Acetone is a liquid that is clear, smells sharp, and is so easy to burn. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly used in making acetone. Here's why acetone can quickly negate your polish.

The most important active ingredients in non-acetone nail polish cleansers are ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and propylene carbonate. Generally, this product is also added to moisturizers such as glycerin and panthenol, to resist dryness in the nails.

However, the non-acetone nail polish remover does not melt the cutaneous arrangement easily until you need to spend more time eliminating the nail polish.

What are the dangers of using acetone very often? Acetone is a solvent that is so strong and works best to remove nail polish. However, acetone is very hard because it can remove a lot of natural oil from your skin.

In fact, sometimes your nails will look so white when you use most acetone. This will make the nails dry and can become fragile when used frequently.

Women with dry or broken nails should stay away from using acetone. Because acetone is so dry for nails, cuticles and skin.

It is dangerous to use acetone for other body health. Acetone quickly evaporates when passed open and easily burns. Acetone contributes to poisoning that can terrorize lives, but this rarely happens because the body can break down large amounts of acetone which is absorbed into the body.

You can experience acetone poisoning if you don't intentionally consume or ingest large amounts of acetone in an instant.

Easy signs of acetone poisoning include headaches, slurred speech, lethargy, lack of sense of motion regulation, sweet feeling in the mouth. In chronic problems, signs of acetone poisoning include coma, low blood pressure, and unconsciousness.

Therefore, using acetone in open spaces and away from flames. Keep some products that have acetone content out of the reach of children.

If you like to color your nails with nail polish, choose an acetone-free nail polish remover. The same thing as selling furniture, lubricating furniture based on water is as effective as acetone products.

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