Formalin is a chemical that is widely used in many industries and household products. Yes, in concentrations of less than one%, these chemicals usually make a combination of several products, such as paints, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, wood products, disinfectants, antiseptics, and cigarettes. Although it is commonly found in some household and industrial products, this one chemical actually brings bad health hazards. Read the following dangers of formalin for health.

The Dangers of Formalin for Health Starting from Irritation to Cancer

Formalin is a chemical at risk of 

Formalin is a chemical solution that is colorless, smells sharp, and has a formaldehyde content of around 37% in water.

This one chemical is often used as a disinfectant (bacterial removers and germs) and corpse preservatives. Formalin is also used for explosives, fertilizer making, mirror glass, perfume, paint, cosmetics, nail hardener, glue, dishwashing liquid, candles, and cigarettes. Apart from that, this one chemical is also commonly used in household appliances that come from wood.

The use of these chemicals for industrial purposes is actually not prohibited. However, each worker who participates in the transportation and processing of this material must be extra careful, considering the risks associated with this material are quite large.

Formalin has many other names, some of which are formol, morbicid, methanal, formic aldehyde, methylene aldehyde, carcass, oxomethane, methyl oxide, oxymethylene, tetraoxymethylene, formoform, paraforin, polyoxymethylene glycols, superlysoform, methylene glycol, tetraoxymethylene, formalite, and trioxane.

How can one be exposed to this chemical?

A person can be exposed to this substance if inhaled or touched it. People who are very at risk of being attacked by exposure to this substance in high content are some workers in the factory that produce several products that contain formaldehyde, laboratory technicians, health workers, and mortuary employees.

Apart from that, you might just be exposed to this one chemical from household equipment in the house. In fact, there are several household products that contain these chemicals, from household appliances to cosmetics and personal care products.

Not only is it inhaled through air, one can also be exposed to this substance from drinks and food consumed. Although actually, this one chemical is prohibited from being used as a food preservative. Examples of products that often contain formaldehyde, for example fresh fish, chicken, wet noodles, and tofu spread in the market. However, not all food products contain these chemicals.

To ensure that one food product has a risky chemical content or laboratory test is not needed. However, in general you must be vigilant when you find fresh food products that last for a while and are not rotten.

What are the dangers of formalin for health? 

Formalin is a chemical that dissolves in water and is quickly processed by the body when you breathe or swallow it. In fact, even small amounts of exposure can be absorbed through your skin. These are some of the dangers of formalin for health that you need to look at:

Respiratory flow

Inhaling contaminated with these risky chemicals can cause your breathing flow to be irritated. As a result, you may experience several signs, such as coughing, sore throat, chest aches, and wheezing. If the beginning has a story of asthma and bronchitis, you are more likely to experience recurrence when breathing this compound.

Exposure to these compounds in a short period of time obtained through air can also result in irritation of the eye cavity, nose, and throat. In addition, exposure in the long term or acute form can result in chronic injuries in the lungs.

The Formalin digestion scheme 

is one of the chemicals that are often used to preserve food. Although actually, this one compound is so risky for health. Yes, consuming foods that contain this chemical in a long period can cause damage to your digestive flow. This can result in severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, and inflammation in the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines.

This one chemical can also cause bleeding in the stomach or intestine, damage to the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. In chronic problems, this one chemical can also lead to coma until death.


Short periods of exposure to the skin can cause itching, irritation, and burning. In people who are allergic to formaldehyde, low exposure for just a moment can cause chronic skin irritation followed by the appearance of rashes, dry skin, and dermatitis. If not resolved as soon as possible, this can lead to scarring.


Formalin exposure in a long period is associated with an increased risk of cancer. Based on research done in humans and animals, there is enough evidence to show that this one chemical can cause cancer. In sufficiently high doses and with long periods of exposure (many years), formalin is carcinogenic (shaped to be a cancer trigger) in humans. However, until now there has been no research that shows how much content is certainly formalin which can cause cancer.

The danger of formalin for health may not be felt directly. But over time, this one chemical can cause health hazards that are so worrying and terrorizing lives.

How do you reduce daily formalin exposure?

As explained, formalin is rich in several household products. You might not really avoid exposure to this one chemical. However, there are ways you can do to reduce formaldehyde exposure in the home, namely:

  • Make sure your house has good air ventilation so that air can get in and out smoothly.
  • Keep an eye on the moisture content in your home using a humidifier or air conditioner.
  • Stay away from smoking at home.
  • Keep your hands clean after using cleaning products or insecticides.
  • Choose fresh food products. Stay away from choosing foods that are striking in color, have a chewy texture, are not easily broken, and are not easily spoiled.
  • Clean fruits and vegetables until they are completely clean.
  • Cook your food in a good way and cook well.

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