Here's a guide to fighting asthma that can help you live your life to the fullest.

7 Strategies to Face Asthma

1. Be true to reality, but still creative 

Life with an acute illness does not mean your desires and dreams must change, but the steps to reach them are likely different. Give creative power to get to your direction.

2. Begin to deal with stress 

Life with acute asthma can give feelings of uncertainty, frustration, anger, and stress. These feelings can also affect family and colleagues. Some signs of stress are shifting sleep schedules (such as sleeping longer or more momentarily than usual), tired, aching in the body, feeling sick, restless, easily furious, pressure and headaches. Seek help by entering with commune support to share experiences with other people who experience this acute illness. Counseling with individuals can also help. Another option is to use anti-depressant drugs.

3. Control of negative thoughts 

Don't get caught up in the time before the diagnosis of asthma. Look at this situation as an obstacle that needs to be passed, not a problem that cannot be resolved.

4. Be an expert on this disease 

The more you and the people around you know about asthma, the easier it is to handle it. Ask the doctor to prepare as much info as possible, including trusted sources from the internet. Take the time to explore this web, to find information about diagnoses with asthma.

5. Educate your family and colleagues about asthma. 

The more people you know about asthma, the more support they can offer. They will understand the warning signs of an asthma attack. Offer books or pamphlets for them to read, or ask them to accompany you to the doctor so they can also ask questions,

6. Be diligent in controlling daily work

 Against the hurdles of acute disease can be tiring. Stay away from activities that are mostly or very little to regulate asthma.

7. Relax ... 

Work on relaxation and meditation to concentrate now, because stress and restlessness are important causes of asthma attacks. Relaxation techniques can also help resist an asthma attack.

What needs to be remembered? 

Finally, do not reject existing help, both from doctors, families and colleagues, communes or support groups. Research shows that people with acute illness who have extensive connections can survive better than some isolated people. Finding help from a doctor, support group or mental health professional is an important step in dealing with acute illness and can restore physical and emotional health.

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